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Spokane Helpers Network
This is a website I made for a new nonprofit based out of Spokane called Spokane Helpers Network. They help connect people in need to resources in the community. They deliver free food, clothing, hygiene items, and household cleaning products to help meet people's basic needs.
Dice App
This is a single-page web application that converts an image into one made out of dice and provides a csv file with instructions on how to make the image with real dice. After selecting an image and clicking generate, please give the program a little time to do its thing.
This is a solo project that I completed while working for Metro Ideas Project. The goal of the project was for me to learn the basics of web development by creating a website surrounding the US Census Bureau's API.
Product Landing Page
This is another project I did to complete my Responsive Web Design certification. It is a product landing page for a fictional coffee roasting company called Lighthouse Coffee.